Injection molding tools

The process of making the injection molding tool begins on the basis of a drawing or finished model supplied by the customer. After the construction has been completed and approved by the customer, starts production of tool. In order to assure of functionality of the desired product, we can offer a production of 3D model to our customer before tool production. The tool construction depends on the customer's request: the required product quantity, number of tool nests, visible or invisible place of inflow, fineness of surface, injection material, weight of finished product etc. During the tool production process, the customer has the possibility to be informed of the current production phase of the ordered tool at any time. Our tools are made at modern CNC processing centers to ensure maximum precision and longevity of the tool (of course, by applying the recommended maintenance measures). Our tools for injection molding are made of quality materials from renowned producers from the European market: Meusburger, Kern, Hasco. “MET” has its own injection molding plant so we test tool funcionality after production and make samples which customer get with the tool.