Blowing molds

The construction process of blowing molds starts with a sample or 3D model which customer delivers to our experienced constructors. We have been constructing tools, parts and models by customer desire or specification for 35 years, only using modern computer software, while for more complex tools we do analysis and simulation of the tool itself. We use the highest quality materials in the production of tools. We may say that after 35 years of production experience in this field, we are certainly the market leader in the production of blowing molds, as our references and quality say.

Tools for automatic and semi-automatic PET packaging blowers: KOSME • MAG • SIPA • SIDEL • SIAPI • KRONES • PETRIA • CHINESE MACHINES, and other blowers, based on samples of tools or documentation.
PE, PP, PVC, PETG blowing molds: • For all blowers from 0.1 liters to 300 liters.